Primary Colour Techniques Course

Primary Colour Techniques Course

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This intensive four day course is an introduction to the world of colour. The course teaches primary colour theory, hair science and colouring techniques through in-depth lectures, demos and work sessions. Primary Colour is focused on perfecting and refreshing knowledge and mechanics.

The course focusses primarily on learning practical colour techniques that will improve your skills as a colourist. The range of techniques learnt on the course will enable you to elevate your craft and feel more confident in your salon work.

Our low student teacher ratio means that you get the very most out of your time at Allilon and receive personalised hands-on support and feedback from our educators.

Course Content
  • Lectures & exams
  • Homework
  • Demonstrations
  • Work sessions
This course covers foil work, global colour, toning, highlights including bleach, formulation, natural pigments and hair science.

Vegetable rinses, re-growth tint and bleach applications, virgin applications, highlights, slices, fixing leaks, reversing highlights and formulas will all be covered during demonstrations and work sessions.

Primary colour is an ideal course for anyone interested in colour, whether you’re completely new to hair or have been in the industry for a number of years and want to refresh your knowledge.