Primary Mechanics Course

Primary Mechanics Course

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This course is designed to build upon and extend the knowledge and skills learnt in the Primary Shape course, but can work equally well as a stand-alone course.

One focus of the course is the proper combination of the basic techniques introduced in Primary Shape. New concepts are also introduced that will continue to technically challenge you and further your understanding and mastery of the methods used to create shape.

Course Content
The course consists of live-demonstrations on mannequins and supervised hands on work sessions with mannequins and a live model. In-depth personalised feedback sessions are provided at the end of the course for each student to evaluate progress and discuss further development.

What You Will Learn
Through a series of demonstrations you will acquire a deeper understanding of the concepts of Primary Shape, furthering your understanding, technical ability and mastery of your craft.

Practical work sessions allow you to experiment with more complex combination techniques under the supervision of our educators.